Wine and delicatessen

Our wines

Our goal is to take you on a oenological journey that starts here in Portugal. We will take you through the amazing regions that contribute to the country’s growing reputation. From Douro to Alentejo, swinging by Dão and Bairrada, the Portuguese terroir gave birth to amazing wines we have to make you discover. We will then slide into the 45th parallel, the ideal latitude for great wines. We will make a couple of stops in France and Italy where the climate diversity and the land variety lead to the creation of many delights. You must keep in mind that the journey never stops as our wine list keeps evolving in order to remain full of surprises.

Our dishes

The one and only « mozzarella di buffala », the brie with truffles, the traditional Portuguese goat cheese and the creamy gorgonzola you can eat by the spoon are just a few examples of the flavors we can bring to you.
Our multi-cultural boards that assemble the best chesses and charcuterie from Europe should make you discover something new. During lunch and dinner time we will cook you delicious gourmet dishes, always taking wine pairing into consideration.

Our «delicatessen» area

In order to ensure the service we provide is complete, we made a large range of our products available for «take out».
The wines, the cheeses, the charcuterie and the other «gourmet» delights we have in store can be taken home by our clients. Our staff is always happy to provide additional information on the products and on their ability to pair with each other.